At present, the Diril Cymbal lines consist of JAZZ, TRADITIONAL, RAW, D, AD, SPECIAL, SAMSUN and ICE.
  Cymbal Series
Our products can be found at he following locations

Beta 8 and Music
Glendale, AZ

Boston Drum Center
Boston, MA

Discount Music of Jacksonville, FL

Fork's Drum Closet
Nashville, TN

Hands of Grace School of Music, Mission Viejo, CA

South Jersey Music
Sewell, NJ

Steve Maxwell's Drum Shop  New York

Rubino's Music
Merrilleville, IN

Georgia Music Warehouse
Savannah, GA

Cymbals and Snares

On-Track Music
Wise, VA

Watermelon Music
Davis, CA

new locations coming soon

The MSRP PRICING for the product is as follows:

Size   MSRP
  8"             169.00
10"             185.00
12"             245.00
12" Hats   490.00
13" Hats   525.00
14" Hats   600.00
14"             300.00
15"             315.00
15” Hats   630.00
16"             325.00
17"             375.00
18"             415.00 
19"             450.00
20"             475.00
21"             520.00
22"             550.00     
24"             695.00

Please check with any of the above retailers for their pricing, as "street pricing" is usually very competitive.

All prices are in USD. Postage is an additional charge.

If you are a prospective Dealer, please contact us, and we can send all the additional information you will need to become a dealer.

Three new Series were introduced at this year's PASIC Show in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 11-14, 2009.

We heard from many of you at the recent NAMM Show, and YOUR ideas will soon become a new cymbal series.

If you want to have a cymbal custom made to your specs, contact us. We are here to serve you and put fine instruments into your hands. We are not selling commodities, but instruments.
The “ Jazz” line possesses all the qualities one would expect from the best of the old Istanbul K new stamp. It possesses a very clicky stick over an almost magical wash.  It is extremely complex while retaining a dark and brooding character.  It is quite simply that sound which jazz drummers hear in their heads. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our cymbals. In July of this year, I visited the Diril factory in Samsun, and working with Ibrahim, made some small, but refining touches to the jazz line. I fell we accomplished improved spread, explosiveness, and all in all, vastly improved and already outstanding product.

The "Traditional" line is simply the "Jazz" line with a little more weight. It possesses all the above qualities with a slightly higher pitch as a result of the heavier wieghts. The profile of the cymbals are the same.

The “Raw” line is a completely hand hammered cymbal (including the bell) commonly referred to as a Turk.  It is a somewhat dry and earthy cymbal with the distinctive clicky stick of a Diril but with a drier, more subtle wash.

Still low and dark in tone; it retains the same complexity that only Diril cymbals possess. It is a more subdued and organic sounding cymbal, still ready to open up with the flick of your stick. Simply an amazing cymbal.

The “D” line consists of heavy, medium, and thin weights, which are more suited for rock 'n roll, rhythm and blues and perhaps big band.  The “Dcymbal is a brighter sounding cymbal again with the famous Diril stick over a higher pitched, more projecting sound with a wash that is somewhat less trashy, all the while retaining complexity with cut and projection.
The “Samsun” is a true hybrid containing elements of both the “Raw” and the “Ice” line with the bell of the “Raw” cymbal and the bridge of the “Ice” cymbal.  It has a very penetrating and pingy stick over a brilliant wash. It marries an organic bell with the brightness of the “Ice”.
The “Ice” line is just that... "Bright, Shiny, and Reflective ".  Following in the Diril tradition it is one hundred percent handmade in the old Turkish tradition.  Each cymbal is shined and buffed by hand to a mirror finish.  This cymbal will cut through the loudest stack of amps while retaining the best of the Turkish sound.

As if the sound quality wasn't enough, its beauty is beyond compare.

If you are looking for a cymbal line that far surpasses anything you have ever heard before, I present to you Diril.  We believe that these cymbals are the best modern production cymbals on the market, therefore we offer you a two year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. If you can't find a dealer near you, contact us and we'll be happy to put you in touch with a Diril Dealer in your area, or, if need be, sell direct to you.
The newest series from Ibrahim's wonderful cymbals, the "AD" represents the pinnacle in Jazz cymbals. It is a widely lathed cymbal and is beautiful to behold. It posesses a very refined and mature sound. Still very dark in tone, it is very subtle and understated, while at the same time, it sounds beuatiful with the Diril stick over a dark wash. It is a must have for the Jazzer. It will redefine what you listen for in a jazz cymbal.